Call for Papers

Authors from the world are welcome to gather at this international event. Before the conference, proceedings will be published based on the following topics, which include but are not limited to:

Education, Teaching Business and Management

Educational policy and policy impacts on education 
Management of education and relations between lecturers and students 
Psychology of education, Psychology of student and teacher 
Quality of education and improvement method 
Global education and Its challenges and opportunities 
E-teaching/E-learning, educational software and multimedia for education 
Distance education and education quality 
Methodology of educational research 
Early childhood education, elementary education, secondary education, higher educatior
Adult and continuing education, special education, vocational education 
The education act and school rule and protection to students 
Business education and educational foundations, education economic 
Language education, listening and acoustics in education environment 
Academic advising and counseling 
Innovative teaching and learning methodologies 
Application of educational technology 
Education reforms and practical teaching reform 
Changes and challenges in engineering education 
Interactions between enterprise and education 

Business Performance Management
Workflows and Transactions in E-Business
Dependability and Performance of E-Business Systems
Requirement Analysis and Modeling of E-Business Systems
Decision Analysis
Decision Support System and Its Control
Decision Support System
E-commerce Platforms, Models and Applications
Engineering and Software Development
Engineering Management
Enterprise Information System and Electronic Government
Enterprise Information Systems-ERP
Enterprise Management
Entrepreneurship and SME Management
Information and Communication Technology
Information Quality and Strategy
Information Systems Management
Internet Technology in Education and Society
Management and Engineering of It-Enabled Services
Managerial Consultation
Marketing Engineering and Management
Modern Marketing Management
Non-Profit Sector Management
Operations Management
Optimization and Optimal Management
Organizational Development and Change
Project Investment Management Theory and Applications
Project Management
Public Administration and Social Management
Public Policy Management
Quality Control and Reliability
Quality Management and Reliability Engineering
Regional Economic Management
Social Issues in Management
Technology and Innovation



2019 International Seminar on Education, Teaching, Business and Management